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What can we learn from New Orleans’ post-Katrina experience? In the six years since it was almost destroyed by flood and failed levees, New Orleans has fought to re-define itself politically, racially, culturally, and economically. LAND OF OPPORTUNITY captures the struggle to rebuild one of America’s most beloved and emblematic cities. Juxtaposing the perspectives of protagonists from different walks of life, this multiplatform documentary project reveals how the story of post-Katrina New Orleans is also the story of urban America. Both a feature film and forthcoming interactive web video experience, LAND OF OPPORTUNITY invites viewers and users to ask, What do we want our cities to look like, and what can we do to make that vision a reality?  As our tagline says, this is “happening to a city near you.”

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As we develop and implement the project, we will document our process publicly, to benefit other mediamakers who are working with emerging media in social issue narratives . The development and documenting process will be guided by our partners at the Center for Social Media, Mozilla Foundation and others.

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